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Infant Mental Health and Early Intervention with Under-Threes and their Parents

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Infant Mental Health and Early Intervention with Under-Threes and their Parents

The course offers a practical and theoretical introduction to the foundations of emotional, cognitive and personality development in babies and young children in the context of their primary relationships and experiences. The course explores professional responses to the wide range of struggles families may experience with problems such as: toileting, feeding, sleeping and behaviour.

The overall aim is to deepen the participants’ framework of understanding of conscious and unconscious factors involved in early developmental processes and to introduce new thinking about early preventative intervention.

Participants will:
• Develop their framework for thinking about parent-infant relationships
• Develop further understanding and awareness of human development and interaction
• Enhance their observational skills in working to promote infant mental health and development
• Have an opportunity to think about their work from a psychoanalytic perspective

This course is provided to professionals from all disciplines in heath care, education and social work and will be of special relevance to Health Visitors, Midwives, Primary Care Workers, GP’s, SureStart workers, Social Workers, Community Child Health Practitioners, MBU Clinicians and Early Years Workers.

The content is highly compatible with, ‘The Solihull Approach’, ‘The Incredible Years’, 'Mellow Bumps' and ‘Watch Wait and Wonder’ courses.

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