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As a major centre of mental health learning and practice, NSCAP is increasingly asked to offer consultation to agencies, organisations and professionals who require support with particular problematic areas of their work.

NSCAP employs a whole-system model to think about difficult situations which are often characterised by complex and fragmented relationships between children, families and the agencies they engage with. We work in partnership with services with the aim of understanding the experience of children and staff and the nature of anxieties being expressed.  Helping to contain anxiety can facilitate the establishment of more helpful and dependable relationships between child and adult, and also within professional networks.

Our approach to effective practice is that staff working with children, young people and families need support to develop good observation and analytical skills and to be able to understand the nature of the relationships between themselves, children and others.  This ensures that safe and evidence-based judgements about the best course of action are taken.  Training, supervision, and a commitment to reflect upon complex relationships are critical in developing the emotional resilience necessary to manage the challenges staff face in working with potentially disturbed and disturbing children and young people.

In response to demand for consultation, supervision and work-based learning we have developed a dedicated consultancy service employing our SIDE-BY-SIDE model.